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December 15 2003

Flock of Little Brown Birds at feeders: small, gray sparrow with chestnut head

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November 10 2003

Caretaker's note: This is a list of seeds and plants that were introduced at watersto_jennystone in 2003.

Mixes are from Native American Seeds of Texas, Seedballs are from Native Plant-Its - Seedball package covers 100 square feet, "Septic Field" is on-site sewage irrigation in pasture south of House, 5 Kline hay bales scattered around house, tipi pasture and septic field, trees and most plants are from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Native Plant Society of Texas.

Seeds introduced

1 lb. Deer Resistant Mix (along road edge)

Texas Bluebonnet, Black-eyed Susan, Indian blanket, Scrambled Eggs, White Gaura, Greenthread, Lemon mint, Purple Coneflower, Maximillian Sunflower, Mealy blue Sage,Tahoka Daisy, Pitcher Sage, Prairie Verbena, Mexican Hat, Pink Evening Primrose,Gayfeather, Scarlet Sage, Butterfly weed, Obedient plant, Frostweed

Deer resistant Seedballs (around house perimeter)Antelope Horns, Big Blue Sage, Black eyed Susan, Blackfoot daisy, Blue grama,Engelmann Sage, Greenthread, Green milkweed, Indian blanket, Indian paintbrush,Lemon mint, Mealy blue sage, Penstemon, Pitcher sage, Prairie Agalinis, Prairie verbena,Rain lily, Tahoka Daisy, Texas Sage, Texas Star, Zexmenia, Western Ironweed,Wooly Ironweed

1/4 lb Lemon Mint (front yard)

1/4 lb Maximillian Sunflower (front yard)

1oz. Western Ironweed (rock terrace near front steps)

1lb. Hummer and Singer Mix (north side of house yard and porch)Greenthread, Bush Sunflower, Partridge Pea, American Basketflower, Purple Coneflower, Cutleaf Daisy, Illinois Bundleflower, lemon Mint, Drummond Phlox, Purple Prairie Clover, White Guara, Black-Eyed Susan, Maximillian sunflower, Gayfeather, Scarlet sage, Standing Cypress, Butterfly Weed, Mealy Blue Sage, Obedient Plant, Annual Winecup, Pink Evening Primrose, Foxglove

1/4 lb. Butterfly Retreat Mix (south yard)Bluebonnet, Indian Blanket, Greenthread, Lanceleaf coreopsis, Huisache Daisy, American Basket flower, Purple Coneflower, Golden-Wave, Purple Prairie Clover, Cutleaf Daisy, Partridge Pea, Lemon mint, Illinois Bundleflower, Drummond Phlox, Missouri Primrose, Tahoka Daisy,Maximillian Sunflower, Standing Cypress, Black-Eyed Susan, Prairie Verbena, Mealy Blue Sage, Scarlet Sage, Gayfeather, Butterfly Weed, Obedient Plant, Tall Aster, Foxglove

1lb. Sustainable Quail and Dove Mix (red oak world uphill from barn)Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Little Bluestem, Indian Grass

watersto_jennystone Mix (all around house and some of tipi pasture)Sprangletop Grass, Buffalo grass, Blue grama

Butterfly Mix Seedballs (septic field area, covered with hay and surrounded with brush)Antelope Horns, Barbara's Buttons, Black-Eyed Susan, Blue Grama, Clasping Leaf Sunflower, Foxglove, Frostweed, Gayfeather, Golden Dalea, Green Milkweed, Greenthread, Guara, Illinois Bundleflower, Indian Blanket, Indiangrass, Indian Paintbrush, Lantana, Lazy Daisy, Lemon Mint, Partridge Pea.

1lb Caliche Mix (septic field)Blue Grama, Buffalograss, Green Sprangletop, Indian Grass, Little Bluestem, Prairie Wildrye, Sand Dropseed, Sand Lovegrass, Sideoats Grama

Trees planted

  • Honey Locust Tree (north side swale)
  • Mt. Laurel (north side swale)

around house:

  • Desert Willow
  • Mt. Laurel
  • Roughleaf Dogwood
  • Blanco Crabapple
  • Flame Leaf Sumac
  • Texas Redbud
  • Mexican Plum
  • Evergreen Sumac
  • Anacua

Other Plants

  • Lantana
  • Yellow lantana
  • Society garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Maximillian Sunflower
  • Trumpet vine
  • Mexican Oregano
  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Cenizo
  • Nolina
  • Mexican Feather Grass

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November 08 2003

  • Indian blanket - near septic box (only survivors are caged)
  • Bluebonnet - North side of house
  • Nolina - at rock wall
  • Prairie starter mix - in septic field
  • Senna trees-edges of septic
  • Gayfeather seedballs-scattered around house
  • Common sunflower - septic pasture
  • Standing cypress - hummer patch, plum cage
  • Scarlet sage seed balls
  • Texas redbud seeds - across road in lower bed
  • Eastern gamma grass around septic
  • Prairie wild rye
  • Frostweed
  • Coral berry vine - edge of wall
  • Indian grass - septic field
  • Little bluestem - throughout
  • Buffalo grass - over planted in mowed KR road edges

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November 07 2003

  • Verbena, lantana
  • Germander
  • Carolina jessamine
  • Yaupon
  • Mexican buckeye
  • Passion vine
  • Evergreen sumac
  • Aromatic sumac
  • Mt. Laurel
  • Possomhaw holly

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November 01 2003

  • Rescues from river trail a fuzzy caterpillar
  • Wooly bear caterpillar
  • Dagger moth caterpillar
Dagger Moth larva

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