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December 24 2008

Wild turkeys seen roosting in tall cypress trees along river shore. The neighbor across the river had removed large areas of habitat so the turkeys moved onto the watersto_jennystone side of the river.

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December 11 2008

Worker reported seeing 11 Wild turkeys walking to man-made pond

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November 08 2008

  • Saw a skunk at the feeding station
  • Woodpecker on feeding block
  • Wild turkeys active

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October 11 2008

  • Saw a large armadillo chase a smaller one through the woods, they both rustled in the branches of a fallen juniper tree, then the smaller one fled. Presumed to be a male chasing and mating with a female armadillo.
  • Red-headed Ladder-backed woodpecker

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August 17 2008

Competitive birder visited in hopes of finding a broad tailed hummingbird. Instead saw a Rufous hummingbird.

Caretaker's note: A "competitive birder" is one who competes with other bird watchers to find the first species in a certain area in the season. It is a friendly competition that experienced bird watchers use to sharpen their skills at identifying birds.

  • Sparrows
  • Eastern phoebe
  • Jackrabbit
  • Heard woodpeckers

Learned that Johnson grass has value for wildlife. King Ranch bluestem has no wildlife value.

Hackberry trees are valuable for cavity nesting birds and the sugarberries are an important wildlife food.

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