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November 15 2016

  • Saw Porcupine at Hay Barn
  • Hunters saw three bucks before seeing does
  • Agreed to shoot "inferior" bucks with uneven horns to avoid passing on bad genes.
  • Observed large group of 25 deer crossing the road.

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November 05 2016

  • First day of White-Tail Deer hunting season.
  • Hunters shot 2 inferior bucks, small males with uneven horns.

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October 13 2016

  • New schedule for feeding Hummingbitds: refresh feeders every four days instead of every three days.

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October 04 2016

Building berms layed on contour for erosion control, using dead juniper branches.

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September 12 2016

  • Fed Raccoons as usual but not very many showed up.
  • Saw a small swarm of Snout Butterflies

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