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December 15 2007

Hunting begins. Shot:

  • 3 1/2 year old male 8 point antler - 120 pounds

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November 06 2007

Consulted on baseline data photo points for conservation easement.

data photo point

Caretaker's note: A conservation easement is a way for landowners to preserve their property in its natural state in perpetuity. It is a legal document that is tied to the deed and follows the property if it is sold to new owners.

There are many non-profit land trusts that can hold and enforce the easement. The landowner creates the development restrictions of the conservation easement for their own property. Landowners can continue to live on and work the land in accordance with the conservation easement. An overall view of conservation easements and Texas land trust organizations can be found at Texas Land Trust Council.

Part of the process is to describe the current state of the land by using photographic data points at various and unique places on the property. The 360 degree photo points are used to reference any changes throughout the years.

The conservation easement is a tax-deductible gift to the land trust, that can be used for a number of years, depending on the property owners financial situation.


  • Woodpecker checking for bugs in the Martin house
  • Phoebe at river bottom

To do:

  • Prop brush piles around trees to be protected
  • Maintain river trail
  • Maintain road and fenceline access
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November 03 2007

  • No raccoons. Not many birds. Very dry.
  • Found dead mouse on steps at house. It is a mystery about how it died. There was no blood and it had not been eaten.
  • Droppings imply evidence of feral hogs. Later study revealed the droppings were from a large older deer.
  • Collected mulch from Oak Wilt project and used on driveway
  • Watered new plantings

Tractor work:

  • Took loose rocks from the road to infill eroded road on the south side
  • Brought dirt from old pile near barn to fill new garden bed in tipi pasture that had been caliche bare spot for years. Added Natural Gardener amendment. Planted 1 pound deer resistant seed mix (from Native American Seed)

Caretaker's note: Although the plants in this seed mix are mostly deer resistant, it was noticed that the seedlings do get severly browsed and so this area will need to be caged for best results until plants reach maturity.

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October 29 2007

  • Used tractor to deepen natural pond in bobcat draw
  • Raked rocks from road to use for infill at road erosion on south side
  • Used extra dirt to beef up erosion control along road
road berms

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October 28 2007

  • Watered all new plantings
  • Removed Johnson grass
  • Mowed trail and access to feeding area
  • Relocated 7 Leopard frogs from pond near house to river
  • Saw black snake with yellow stripe down the length of its back
  • Found snake skin
snake skin

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