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September 22 2017

  • Hunting neighbor reported seeing 60 Does and 30 Bucks, some with large horns in the pasture. Caretakers are setting up for hunting season to reduce the number of White-tail Deer.

A new hunting system with feeders, at Hay barn. There are a total of 5 hunting areas on the land.

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July 25 2017

Stephen Ramirez, land inspector for Conservation Easement held by Texas Land Conservancy, photographs open pasture.

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July 04 2017

A wire cage surrounds a Bald Cypress seedling to protect it from deer browse. The pink survey flag marks the site.

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April 29 2017

Planted Native American seed mix "Riaparian Recovery" in the bottom lands after removing large amounts of Ragweed.

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April 23 2017

Val Ramirez takes the large 'Goin Fencing' live hog trap for other customers to use. A project of the Caldwell County Feral Hog Task Force. This is the end of feral hogs on the property at this time.

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