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June 24 2022

Spray nozzle on waterhose allows gentle watering and water spray for birds

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November 07 2021

4 Turkeys

Deer linger at hunting area hoping for Milo

Hay Barn pond with a slow trickle of water to keep it full.

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October 04 2021

Wet weather pond full of water after a good rain.

Raccoon reaching into locked box for dog food at new feeding area.

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October 03 2021

Gray Fox

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September 04 2021

Caretakers established a new feeding area for Racoons near the bluff edge to the river. A large cage is erected over a place with bare exposed rock, to scatter dry dog food and bird seed. This was done to prevent the Racoons from gathering too closely together on the porch. The cage was later expanded to a taller height to prevent deer from jumping inside.

A watering area was created near the feeding pen for Raccoons. A slow drip from a water hose keeps the water fresh.

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