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May 05 2021

  • Saw Baby Possum
  • Treated propery for Fire Ants , using a bait that sterilized the females
  • Saw the first fresh Monarch Butterfly, a female


Bobcat at feeding table

Gar fish

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October 07 2019

Trapping live Feral Hogs. The trappers collect the Hogs and corral them into a trailer to transport them off of the land.

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August 05 2015

  • Removed mother feral cat and three newborn kittens from the house porch using a live trap, and relocated them a few miles away.

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May 29 2015

  • Feral cat left 3 new born kittens on the back porch by the trash cans, they were removed.
  • Same feral cat left 3 more new born kittens nearby and they were also removed.

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April 17 2015

  • Shot Feral Cat
  • Saw Eastern Phoebe
  • Saw Lizard

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