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June 19 2023

Caretaker observing Mammous Clouds

Horse Mint

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December 27 2015

  • Hunter shot one Doe and its fawn. For a total of 9 Deer taken this season.

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December 18 2015

  • Hunter shot one 4 point small buck deer, for a total of 7 deer taken this hunting season.

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December 15 2015

  • The beginning of a fierce twelve minute match between two young Tom Turkeys. A young Deer is watching nearby.

Two elder Tom Turkeys are keeping watch while the youngsters continue the brawl.

The Caretaker crowded the two young fighters out of the Prickly Pear Cactus, but they were undeterred and kept fighting, grabbing each other by the beak.

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December 08 2015

  • Trenching through the dirt to prevent Oak Wilt disease from encroaching onto wooded area. A project of Oak Wilt Specialists, cutting a five foot deep trench to stop Oak roots from transmitting Oak Wilt disease

A trench along the road to stop the spread of Oak Wilt decline.

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