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December 30 2016

Natural water ponds catch and hold rain runoff at Hay barn area.

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December 25 2016

Pink flags mark the location of newly planted Bald Cyrpess trees.

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December 21 2016

 A project to reforest lost trees due to flood damage with Hays County and TreeFolks.

Professional tree planters plant 1000 trees along approximately 2500 feet of the Blanco River. He is carrying bare root baby Bald Cypress trees in the bags.

A pink survey flag marks a newly planted Cypress tree, to help monitor over time.

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December 17 2016

interesting sunset, century plant still standing

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November 21 2016

  • Continued clearing river trail for access to tree planters
  • Removed Ragweed and Stickers from river bottom area

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