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January 18 2022

  • Began cionstruction of Deer exclusion fence on North fence line

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December 11 2021

  • Hunters shot 1 Doe
  • A total of 32 Deer taken thus far

Interesting sunset

Posted in Census, Habitat, 2021

December 05 2021

Moss growing on the ground

Unusual fungus looks like fur

Posted in Habitat, 2021

December 04 2021

  • Hunters shot 2 Does
  • A total of 30 Does taken thus far

Standing water in the Draw

A scene of a rock wall along the edge of the Draw. A Red Oak is growing out of bare rock and Muhly grasses in the foreground

Posted in Census, Habitat, 2021

November 27 2021

  • Hunters shot 2 large Does.
  • A total of 25 taken thus far

A Macabre scene. An 8 point Deer skull found tangled in trees with a piece of poly twine. Caretakers suspect that its antlers got entangled with the twine and it got further entangled in the trees as it tried to free itself. It likely broke its neck. Caretakers suspect that this is the type of twine used in home construction for building forms. Caretakers at Waterstone do not use this type of twine.

Posted in Census, Habitat, 2021

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