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November 23 2004

  • Saw ringtail cat in pole barn
  • Saw fox
  • Saw baby snake under rock
  • New butterfly discovered (later identified as Texan Crescent)
Texan Crescent

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November 23 2004

  • Cut and mulched junipers below house, made swales
  • Planted buffalo grass seed in clearing below house
  • Added sand to buffalo grass seed in old trash pile near pole barn
  • Made brush piles below house in clearing
  • Made water diversion in field at pole barn
  • Collected 3 bags of KR

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November 23 2004

Treated fire ants with Logic and Amdro

treated fire ant mound

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October 17 2004

  • Logic fire ant bait throughout
  • Pulled up KR in road
  • Saw many skinks

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September 02 2004

May, June July, August and September:

  • Removed appox. 1 acre of dense box elders near cypress bee tree
  • Removed with chain saw 20 large box elders along river edge
  • Pulled up hundreds of small box elders and eliminated China Berries too
  • Finished bluff trail
  • Beefed up river trail
  • Brush pile
  • Repaired fence from goat trespassers

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