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May 30 2018

Porcupine is resting on the wheel hub of the tractor. Caretakers found multiple quills on the back porch indicating that the Porcupine had gotten into a struggle with some other animal. After losing quills, the Porcupine needs to rest to recover and grow them back. It was a quiet resting place until it was found and photographed. It moved away after this photo was taken.

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May 22 2018

Rat snake seen in pond among reeds, probably hunting frogs.

  • Made adjustments to dirt speed bumps to divert rain water into fields along the side of the road. Arranged cedar branches on contour to slow erosion.

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April 28 2018

Some of the feral hogs caught on the game camera. This group of 12 was finally trapped and removed from the propety.

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January 21 2018

Last day of Deer hunting, shot 1 Doe.

A total of 34 deer harvested this hunting season.

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January 08 2018

Hunters shot 2 spike Deer and 2 Does. Spikes are 2 year olds. Does are 3-4 years old. A total of 33 taken thus far.

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