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September 22 2017

  • Hunting neighbor reported seeing 60 Does and 30 Bucks, some with large horns in the pasture. Caretakers are setting up for hunting season to reduce the number of White-tail Deer.

A new hunting system with feeders, at Hay barn. There are a total of 5 hunting areas on the land.

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April 23 2017

Val Ramirez takes the large 'Goin Fencing' live hog trap for other customers to use. A project of the Caldwell County Feral Hog Task Force. This is the end of feral hogs on the property at this time.

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March 22 2017


Val Ramirez the hog trapper comes to collect a group of feral hogs caught in the large live trap set up in the pasture. The trap must be set up in such a way there is room to manuever a trailer to collect them.

Vals trailer has a wire cage chute which is set up on the doorway so that the hogs can enter to get into the trailer. The hog sounder visits the bait box inside the trap during the night. He watches them on his cell phone from the remote camera and closes the trap door when they are all inside. This happened at 2 am.

This family of feral hogs will be taken to a nearby game hunting ranch where they will live together on the land until shot by hunters.

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March 19 2017

A feral hog wallow

More evidence of feral hogs on the land. They uprooted a Horse Crippler Cactus to eat the root.

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March 11 2017

The last of the small feral hogs is removed from Vulture Gulch area.

Across the road in the large pasture, a large sounder of feral hogs were seen. This large cage was delivered and set up to live trap those animals. It is called "Goin Fencing". It is 30 foot wiide and 6 feet tall. It is outfitted with a remote control camera to trigger the trap door when the sounder is all inside and not accidentally trap a deer or other animal that might enter for the bait.

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