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November 21 2009

Cleaned out all bird feeders, washed with bleach and rinsed well. Refilled fresh feeders.

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November 16 2009

  • Saw one Hummingbird today
  • Two Cardinals
  • Refreshed all Hummingbird feeders

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November 10 2009

  • Three Wild Turkeys
  • Saw Two Deer
  • Large Buck chasing a Doe
  • Rock Squirrel living under wood pile near the rain barn

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November 09 2009

  • Treated Fire Ant mounds along the road
  • Refreshed all Hummingbird feeders
  • Built and installed a new bird feeder in new clearing by the house:

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November 08 2009

Light rain

  • Large flock of Chipping Sparrows were seen.

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