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February 23 2014

  • Installed (2) Wren bird houses, (1) at back porch and (1) at pole barn
  • Watered Cedar Elms along road (left the water on slow drip for two days)
  • Saw Various Butterflies including Dogface, Orange Sulphur, Checkered White, Sleepy Orange, Checkered Skipper, Juniper Hairstreak and Black Swallowtail and saw hudreds of bees on Rosemary bush in full bloom.

Juniper Hairstreak butterfly and Honey Bee sharing nector on the Rosemary bush.

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November 01 2013

  • Repaired stick dam above pond
  • Rescued fish

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April 03 2013

  • Beefed up berms to preapre for expected rain.
  • 1.9 inches of rain!
  • Observed erosion control efforts and made adjustments where needed
  • Spread Black oil Sunflower seeds along the roads for Turkeys
  • Saw Hummingbirds in courtship dance, swooping high into the air in large arcs.
  • Saw very small baby Gecko eating moths on the screen door
  • Planted Buffalo Grass and Blue Grama seeds
  • Caged Antelope Horn milkweed to protect from foot taffic at barn
  • Installed home made bird house

Home made bird house installed

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November 11 2012

  • Cleaned out gunk from 'bathtub' trough at well house - found dead tadpoles and fish and water was eutrifying.  After removing gunk, added a Bullrush plant in a pot and some algae. Many fish still alive and well
  • Cold front
  • Saw 10 Robins in Lantana bush
  • Saw Chickadee, and saw Wren under porch
  • Saw lots of butterflies (Yellow, Snouts, Cloudless Sulfurs, Gulf Fritillarys and Grass Skippers)
  • Saw Cardinal and House Finch
  • Saw Woodpecker on seed ball

Woodpecker eating a seed while perched on seedball

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August 19 2012

  • Rained 7/10 of an inch, good slow soak overnight
  • Saw Possum and Raccoons at feeding area
  • Saw Rock Squirrel and Hummingbirds
  • Saw 2 Does, one small Buck and 2 spotted Fawns
  • Fed Deer milo
  • Removed more invasive plants
  • Continued to relocate 200+ fish from large pond to river

Scooping up Gambusia with a bucket to relocate from large pond to river

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