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November 03 2023

Snapdragon Vine

Posted in Census, Habitat, 2023

October 30 2023

Grey Fox finding scatttered Sunflower seeds

Posted in Census, Habitat, Food, 2023

October 26 2023

Male Scarab Beetle

Texas Black Phanaeus

A unique dung beetle

Male and female Black Phanaeus

Dung beetles are very important to ecolgy because they bury scat to make nests.

This pair was kept in a jar that the caretakers added small amounts of fresh dung to now and then.

Posted in Census, 2023

October 25 2023

Ringtail Cat approaches jump to feeding table

Posted in Census, 2023

October 13 2023

Young Possum eating chickem and grapes on porch

Bobcat waiting for food at feeding table

Posted in Census, 2023

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