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October 11 2005

  • Removed 3 strands of barbed wire on fence at deer crossing, total 4 spans, replaced with one strand of non-barbed wire.
  • Lopped baby junipers
  • Spread compost throughout yard area around new plantings
  • Removed Johnson grass

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October 07 2005

  • Saw many migrant hummingbirds
  • Saw Rufous Hummingbird (new addition to census list)
    rufous hummingbird
  • Added 4 hummingbird feeders for migrating hummingbirds. A mixture of 4 units of water to one unit of sugar.
  • Removed rag weed that had overgrown hummingbird habitat at river, exposed four-o'clocks, turk's cap and frostweed

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September 29 2005

July, August, September:

  • Continued watering all new plantings

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June 01 2005

  • Saw first painted bunting at feeder with millet
  • Saw male cowbird at millet feeder, stopped using millet
  • Saw 3 cowbirds flying away towards neighbor's pasture with cows after yesterday?s shooting

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May 31 2005

Shot 2 cowbirds near feeding station

Caretaker's note: The Brown Headed Cowbird has adapted to predate on songbird nests. The female lays its eggs in another birds nest. She often kicks out the hosts eggs. The Cowbird nestling is larger and demands more constant feeding and care from the host parent. The original nestlings suffer from neglect. Shooting Cowbirds is the recommended method to protect songbirds. Extreme care is used to correctly identify this species.

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