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November 03 2009

  • Saw Wild Turkeys
  • Hundreds of Snout Butterflies, in open fields and in the woods.
  • Refreshed Hummingbird feeders, 7 total
  • Large groups of bees returned after a long absence getting small bits of sugar from the hummingbird feeders.
Caretakers note: Odd bee behavior observed. Bees were seen fighting with each other, individuals stinging other bees, there were several dead bees on the ground.
  • Treated Fire Ants with growth regulator (predator control)
  • Repaired float valve on water trough in water trough bath tub, (maintain supplemental water sources)
  • Removed many young Ashe junipers and removed Junipers from under Red Oaks near Bobcat Draw (approximately 1 acre)

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November 01 2009

  • Cardinals
  • Lincoln Sparrows
  • Female Ladder-back Woodpecker at seed ball
  • Black-capped chickadee
  • Lesser Goldfinch
  • 2 Hummingbirds, chasing each other over 7 feeders
  • 2 Black Squirrels
  • There was a sparse population of butterflies, except for a large migration of Snouts.
  • Gulf Fritillary
  • Admiral
  • Monarch
  • Sleepy Orange:

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October 26 2009

Waterfall draw after 2 inch rain

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October 25 2009

Observed rain event 2”, (4” total in one week)

  • Cut Junipers under large oak near house
  • Mowed pasture
  • Will remove Prickly Pear
  • Beefed up erosion control berms with dirt near the rain barn.

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October 24 2009

  • Saw five Wild Turkeys at the feeding area near the barn.
  • Saw one male 8 point
  • Saw six does
  • Saw three fawns
  • Put out milo and sunflower seeds.

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