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November 29 2011

  • Saw Lesser Goldfinch
  • Saw Cardinal
  • Saw Wren
  • Saw Titmouse
  • Saw many Chipping Sparrows
  • Saw House Finch
  • Saw Rufous Hummingbird at Hummingbird feeder
  • Saw Black-chinned Hummingbird at feeder (five feeeders kept up for the winter)
  • Saw Eastern Phoebe
  • Saw Bluebird
  • Saw male and female Ladder-backed Woodpecker feeding at the seedball
  • Saw three Robins
  • Saw Red Admiral and Checkered Skipper Butterflies

Crescent moon

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November 26 2011

  • 1.8 inches od rain! A very good slow soak overnight.
  • observed erosion, most efforts seem to have been successful
  • Saw Great Blue Heron flying near the house
  • Heard Hummingbird
  • Saw Bluebird
  • began erosion plan for road at gate entrance
  • Saw Fox
  • Very cold and windy
  • Refreshed a few Hummingbird feeders
  • Saw Devils Cigar Fungus in draw below man-made pond

Devils Cigar Fungus (Chorioactis geaster) was proposed to be the Official State Fungus of Texas in 1997. No such designation has occurred thus far.


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November 19 2011

  • Refreshed Hummingbird feeders
  • Found dead Raccoon in Man-made pond, we suspect that it was the sick one we saw last week stumbling with distemper. The sick animals eyes glow green instead of yellow in LED light. It could have gotten caught in the thick pond plants and did not have the strenghth to get out.
  • Saw Turkeys throughout the day, 2 Toms and 6 hens
  • New Raccoon feeding routine to keep area very clean and dog food pans spread apart.
  • Saw Hummingbird
  • Removed Salvinia molesta (an invasive non-native plant) from the man-made pond and from the house pond. We will remove all invasive pond plants in one year.
  • Removed Ligustrum, Chinaberry (both invasive foreign species) and a few Box Elders along river trail.
  • Saw Hawk chasing White-winged Dove at feeding area near house.

Ventral view of Red Admiral butterfly

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November 15 2011

  • Seed collector from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Minnette Marr came to see our Pipevine Swanflower (Aristolochiaceae erecta) to consider using seeds for a short grass blend that they are working on. We only have one plant that we know of and did not share the seeds.

Seed pod of Pipevine Swanflower (Aristolochiaceae erecta)

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November 14 2011

  • Saw Hummingbird
  • Rain! 1/3 inch
  • Turkeys eating sunflower seeds after the rain

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