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March 02 2017

A borrowed small feral hog used as bait to catch the last lone feral hog that could not trigger the trip wire due to its small size. This animal is inside a cage within the trap.

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February 20 2017

A small flood on the Blanco River. The fallen tree debris from the 2015 flood are left on the ground for erosion control and for wildlife habitat. Many birds are seen in the dead tree branches.

A group of Vultures circling in the air currents after a rain.

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November 19 2016

  • 4 deer removed: 1 doe and 3 young bucks, 2 of which had uneven horns

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November 15 2016

  • Saw Porcupine at Hay Barn
  • Hunters saw three bucks before seeing does
  • Agreed to shoot "inferior" bucks with uneven horns to avoid passing on bad genes.
  • Observed large group of 25 deer crossing the road.


Survey of river land still recovering from flood debris, looking at the jumping rock.
Survey view upstream
Survey view downstream

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November 05 2016

  • First day of White-Tail Deer hunting season.
  • Hunters shot 2 inferior bucks, small males with uneven horns.

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