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November 04 2017

White-tailed Deer hunting season begins today through January 21. Hunters shot 2 bucks, each with 7 points. They were taken to remove the lesser quality deer from the gene pool.

The few Bald Cypress trees that survived the 2015 flood are showing fall colors in the leaves.

Classic Bald Cypress knees in rocky river bottom.

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October 21 2017

Young skunk at seed bowl on porch.

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October 15 2017

Fuzzy caterpillar found under a leaf along the river trail.

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September 22 2017

  • Hunting neighbor reported seeing 60 Does and 30 Bucks, some with large horns in the pasture. Caretakers are setting up for hunting season to reduce the number of White-tail Deer.

A new hunting system with feeders, at Hay barn. There are a total of 5 hunting areas on the land.

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April 23 2017

Val Ramirez takes the large 'Goin Fencing' live hog trap for other customers to use. A project of the Caldwell County Feral Hog Task Force. This is the end of feral hogs on the property at this time.

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