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April 02 2017

With no natural shade from trees lost to 2015 flood, caretakers erect portable shade tent.

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March 19 2017

A feral hog wallow

More evidence of feral hogs on the land. They uprooted a Horse Crippler Cactus to eat the root.

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February 20 2017

A small flood on the Blanco River. The fallen tree debris from the 2015 flood are left on the ground for erosion control and for wildlife habitat. Many birds are seen in the dead tree branches.

A group of Vultures circling in the air currents after a rain.

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January 30 2017

A bridge spans a deep ravine at the draw to allow access along a newly designed river walking trail.

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December 30 2016

Natural water ponds catch and hold rain runoff at Hay barn area.

Posted in Habitat, Water, 2016 Journal

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