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April 20 2015

  • Cut small Junipers and placed in old berm that was eroded
  • Saw unusual Hummingbird

A partial leucistic Hummingbird. Leucism is the absence of or defects in pigment in an amimal. It is difficult to determine the species without seeing the color of the gorget throat. Very interesting.

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August 11 2014

  • Refreshed Hummingbird feeders
  • 1 inch of rain!
  • Observed erosion controls

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March 04 2014

  • Saw 11 Tom Turkeys
  • Saw small group of Deer
  • Heard a Chuck-wills Widow 

Rocks are arranged on contour to slow erosion around the Oak tree.

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October 30 2013

  • Refreshed Hummingbird feeders
  • Saw 1 Hummingbird and many Cardinals
  • Received 12 inches of rain overnight
  • Observed erosion

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October 29 2013

  • Saw large cat with long striped tail,  mottled dark coat and small ears
  • Stopped feeding Raccons
  • Saw Skunk and Armadillos
  • Piled brush in run-off areas on North-East land

Caretaker laying Juniper branches on the ground to slow erosion.

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