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November 09 2014

  • Continued with experiment to remove KR Bluestem grass:
  • Sprayed 32 ounces of Horticultural Vinegar, 20%, in an area about 16 feet by 13 feet.
  • Put out fire ant bait to sterilize queens
  • Saw hawk hunting at bird feeding area
  • Saw Road Runner preening in sunny field
  • Saw Lesser Goldfinch at feeder
  • Saw Buckeye Butterfly
  • Saw Sleepy Orange Butterfly
  • Saw small Opossum at Racoon feeding area

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April 25 2014

  • Refreshed Hummingbird feeders
  • Removed Feral Cat
  • Watered MIlkweed plants in North /East corner
  • Saw Mockingbird pair
  • Saw Sparrow pair
  • Saw Lincoln Sparrow
  • Saw Jack Rabbit at Hay Barn Pond

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March 03 2014

  • We had a freeze overnight
  • Saw 10 Deer
  • Saw Tom Turkeys
  • Saw a Skunk
  • Fed Mealworms to Carolina and Bewick Wrens, Orange-crowned Warblers and Rock Squirrels
  • Saw a feral Cat cowering in the thunderstorm

Female Northern Cardinal

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October 28 2013

  • Saw dead Raccon in road
  • Washed off areas with Raccon scat and washed steps and scat area with bleach.
  • Heard loud squeeks from Rock Squirrel - saw Bobcat
  • Treated 2 Fire Ant mounds with orange oil

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September 26 2013

  • Refreshed Hummingbird feeders
  • Saved Leopard Frog from Hognose Snake in pond by house

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