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November 26 2013

  • Saw Rufous Hummingbird at one of 4 feeders remaining during the winter for late comers and lost birds.

White-tailed Deer watch and Wild Turkeys eat sunflower seeds that were scattered on the ground for them by the Caretaker. The Turkeys were persistent in chasing the deer away from their feedeing area.

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November 24 2013

  • Saw large flock of 50 Wild Turkeys
  • Saw 30 Cardinals

Some of the large group of Wild Turkeys

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November 18 2013

  • Scattered seeds collected from Trumpet Creeper Vine in brush piles along fenceline to the river and over the edge of the bluff.
  • Saw 8 point Buck with Doe and fawn at River bottom.
  • Saw migrant Rufous Hummingbird at Hummingbird feeder.
  • Saw Ladder Backed Woodpecker
  • Saw Anole Lizards
  • Saw Rock Squirrels
  • Saw 15 Turkeys

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November 16 2013


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November 07 2013

  • Saw male and female Kinglet - probably Ruby-crowned or Golden-crowned
  • Created road signs that state "Slow Down in Wildlife Areas'"

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