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November 03 2014

  • 1 inch rain!

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November 02 2014

  • Rescued small Hognose Snake who was basking in the sun in the middle of the road. Caretakers keep him in a terrarium in the house where he mostly hibernates.

Small Hognose Snake (non venemous)

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October 26 2014

  • Saw Road Runner
  • Saw Snake in the water at the frog pond near the house
  • Removed 2 large bags of KR Bluestem, by hand, along the sides of roads
  • Planted/scattered "Sustainable Quail and Dove Mix" seeds from Native American Seed in the North/ East upper gate area in the old Deer Hunting field, consisting of : Scrambled Eggs, Pitcher Sage, Bush Sunflower, Switchgrass, Purple Prairie Coneflower, Maximiilian Sunflower, Indiangrass, Sideoats Grama, Texas Cupgrass, Big Bluestem, Illinois Bundleflower, Partridge Pea, Texas Yellowstar, Common Sunflower, American Basketflower, Texas Bluebonnet, Wooly Croton, Eastern Gramagrass, Golden Dalea, White Prickly Poppy

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October 24 2014

  • Continued to experiment with mowed area of KR Bluestem, using a blow torch in an area around 30x50 square feet. (This experiment did not fully succeed as green sprouts were seen a few days later.)

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October 11 2014

  • Refreshed Hummingbird feeders. It as been cold and not many Hummingbirds have been seen. Reduced the number of feeders to 6.
  • Saw Great Blue Heron 
  • Continued to remove KR Bluestem by hand around the house and along driveways

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