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November 12 1998

Habitat Control

  • No cattle grazing on site
  • Reseeding etc.
    • In swales by hand.
    • At draw - pecan, possomhaw holly, big bluestem, little bluestem by hand, four o'clocks behind barn, turk's cap, goldeneye.
    • Along roadside - four o'clocks, goldeneye, bushy bluestem, little bluestem, buffalo grass, oak, turk's cap
    • Raccoon draw - pecans
    • Bluff edge - butterfly white flower
    • River shore - cypress
    • Tipi pasture - buffalo grass with leaf litter and compost.
    • (See seed list to be used to make seed balls.)
  • Forest Management
    • Pruned and cut cedars the entire length of draw (from north fence to bluff), mulched and spread on roads and trails.
    • Pruned and cut cedars throughout along roads. Left some brush piles.
    • Cut and collected cedar poles along river trail to edge of warbler world.
    • Marked cedars with pink tape for future removal.
    • Marked cedars to be pruned to allow ground cover with orange tape.
    • Cut baby cedar growth throughout with loppers
    • covered red oak seedlings with branchy cedar brush to protect from deer browse.
    • Cut and grubbed roots of Chinaberry tree at bluff edge. Left skeleton standing.

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