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November 26 2017

Hunters shot two young spike deer, both about 3 years old. This brings the total number of deer taken thus far to nine.

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November 21 2017

Hunters shot one buck and one doe about 3 years old for a total of 7 deer harvested thus far.

Turkey at water guzzler. Turkeys are not hunted on the land.

Vultures gather at one of the few trees along the river.

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November 12 2017

Hunters shot one small buck with 6 points, about 3 years old, and one nine point about 5 years old, and one doe about 2 years old. A total of 5 Deer harvested thus far.

Bobcat photographed by one of the deer hunbters.

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November 04 2017

White-tailed Deer hunting season begins today through January 21. Hunters shot 2 bucks, each with 7 points. They were taken to remove the lesser quality deer from the gene pool.

The few Bald Cypress trees that survived the 2015 flood are showing fall colors in the leaves.

Classic Bald Cypress knees in rocky river bottom.

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October 21 2017

Young skunk at seed bowl on porch.

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