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September 02 2004

May, June July, August and September:

  • Continued to feed hummingbirds
feeding hummingbird

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September 02 2004

May, June July, August and September:

  • Shot Feral Cat
  • Broadcast Fire ant Bait

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July 04 2004

Rescued baby Black-capped Chickadee

black-capped chickadee

Caretaker's note: Small birds sometimes make their way into the barn and get trapped. In trying to escape they often fly into window and fall stunned onto the floor. This young chickadee was picked up and for quite some time wouldn't leave the rescuer's open hand. Finally, as he tried to get the bird to hop onto an outdoor table it flew up onto and perched on his nose - long enough for several "self portraits with chickadee" to be taken.

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April 18 2004

Conditions: 65-74 degrees f. - mostly cloudy - 5-20 SSE

The "R" is a resident breeding bird and not a migrant.

  1. Carolina Wren-R
  2. Carolina Chickadee-R
  3. House Finch-R
  4. Northern Cardinal-R
  5. Turkey Vulture -R
  6. Common Grackle -R
  7. Black-chinned Hummingbird-R
  8. Black Vulture-R
  9. Lesser Goldfinch-R
  10. Black-crested Titmouse-R
  11. White-winged Dove-R
  12. Black-throated Green Warbler
  13. Brown-headed Cowbird-R
  14. Summer Tanager-R
  15. Great-crested Flycatcher-R
  16. White-eyed Vireo-R
  17. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  18. Canyon Wren-R
  19. Upland Sandpiper
  20. Osprey
  21. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher-R
  22. Louisiana Waterthrush-R
  23. Sharp-shinned Hawk
  24. Red-tailed Hawk-R
  25. Mississippi Kite
  26. Mourning Dove-R
  27. Bewick's Wren-R
  28. Chimney Swift-R

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April 04 2004

  • Built long swale with wood scraps in rocky North pasture to fence line, appox. 240 feet
  • Added brush swales near draw
  • Cleared brush and juniper out of draw to improve flow
  • Worked on river trail, remove flood debris from trail at draw
  • Removed mustard seed along shore and below steps

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