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November 03 2007

  • No raccoons. Not many birds. Very dry.
  • Found dead mouse on steps at house. It is a mystery about how it died. There was no blood and it had not been eaten.
  • Droppings imply evidence of feral hogs. Later study revealed the droppings were from a large older deer.
  • Collected mulch from Oak Wilt project and used on driveway
  • Watered new plantings

Tractor work:

  • Took loose rocks from the road to infill eroded road on the south side
  • Brought dirt from old pile near barn to fill new garden bed in tipi pasture that had been caliche bare spot for years. Added Natural Gardener amendment. Planted 1 pound deer resistant seed mix (from Native American Seed)

Caretaker's note: Although the plants in this seed mix are mostly deer resistant, it was noticed that the seedlings do get severly browsed and so this area will need to be caged for best results until plants reach maturity.

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